Membership Renewals

Renew your membership with the Chiropractic Association of Alberta.

 As a member of the Chiropractic Association of Alberta you are connected to a dedicated network of over 1200 chiropractors in Alberta and have access to resources in helping you enable world class care for spinal, muscle, nerve, and joint conditions. 

In optimizing practice life and adding value to patients we are here to support you!

To retain your membership, please follow these steps:

  1. Select your type of membership below and click the button RENEW.
  2. This wilI take you to a check-out page to complete your payment.
  3. Regular membership will now be automatically renewed each year, starting 2024, until you cancel. You will receive a notification one month before it renews.
  4. New graduate memberships can be renewed if purchased  January 2023, or later. Otherwise you must purchase a regular membership renewal. 

 If you have trouble with purchasing, please try clearing your cache/ history 

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Member Benefits 2023
To ensure your payment gets processed to your current membership account please use the same name and email that is connected to your CAA account. If you have questions about this please let Alison Richards, Membership Experience Manager, [email protected] know.
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Regular Member


A practicing chiropractor in Alberta.

Auto renews each year beginning 2024

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New Graduate


A recent graduate of a Doctor of Chiropractic program who joined the CAA Jan, 2023 or later.

No auto renew

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If you are on leave please reach out to us directly at [email protected].

Please note that as stated in our Bylaws, refunds will not be issued for membership fees.

Retain access to your membership benefits.

Please renew your membership by June 30, 2023. 


2023 Membership Renewals